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    Ten axis automatic cutting machine






    The machine is mainly suitable for cutting the material such as BOPP adhesive tape masking tape,electric insulating tape,double side tape.cleaning paper tape.kraft paper tape foam tape,medical tape, duck tape,etc.









    平面不佳時,可直接變換切割角度,可減少換刀次數,避免了手動調角度的麻煩,大大提高生產效率。 Features:

    1.Principal machine drive part: AC motor from Taiwan with inverter for driving coil cutting.fast acceleration and deceleration.

    2.Central control unit: adopting programmable central control; it's possible to set a number of sizes (up t0 50 types) In the same shatt; automatic switching to cutting once realizing fully automatic operation.

    3.Operation panet: adopting 10.4-inch shilin led touch screen from Talwan, with which the cutting conditions and operation conditions can be directly seiling through the display.

    4.Motor control system: with central control of PLc; a number of sizes can be set for the same shaft; cutting width adjusted automatically on the computer.

    5.Cutting positioning system: adopting Japanese and European servo motors as the controt imported high-precision ball screw for size positioning and use of linear sliding rail to hold the tool,rendering accurate and smooth positioning-

    6.Knife advance posiioning svstem: knie advancement controlled with Jadanese and European servo motor 3-speed knife advancement for cutting is possible,which promotes the efficiency and renders high quality.

    7.Automatic angle adjustment of circular knife: Japanese and European servo motors adopted for circular knite angle change that is different depending

    on the material typelanale adiustment range +8",In case of poor cuttina plane,the culing angle can be changed directly so as to reduce times of knife change and avold trouble of manual angle adjustment,substantially promoting the production efficiency.

    主要技術參數Main technical parameters:

    規格 Specification 1300mm

    機器尺寸 Measurement(L"W*H) 3020*2150*1900mm

    機器重量 N.W 3500kg

    最快切割速度 MAX Cutting speed 60 Cuts/Min

    最小切刻寬度 MIN Cutting width 2mm

    最大材料直徑 Biggest material diameter 135mm

    電源 Source 4W3P 380V/50Hz

    功率 Power 8KW

    氣壓 Pressure 0.63mpa


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